A Digital Agency

For years we have been developing and managing the Internet presence for small business owners. Websites, SEO, Directory Listings, Pay Per Click.

After honing our skills and seeing what works, we’ve decided to start our own directory of sorts. But not just any directory.

Forward Thinking


How about a directory geared solely to the appliance repair market? It’s one of the markets we know best. But, you know it even better.

What you need, though, is a better designed, better presented directory. Quality vs. volume. More hands-on management.

Affordable Programs


We’ve come up with several affordable options to get you more business.

And one free one, too, if you want to try things out first.

We’ll even custom design a program to fit your needs.

Our Strategy for You

To the right is a ballpark idea of how we look at a marketing program for you, our client.

Responsive websites or landing pages are a necessity. Google is favoring responsive sites. In some cases, the majority of searches for our clients are coming on mobile devices.

SEO, Google Maps & Directory Listings are a key part of our approach.

Google Adwords & Bing Adcenter can get you business if your organic rankings aren’t that high.

  • Responsive Websites & Landing Pages 45% 45%
  • SEO, Google Maps & Directory Listings 40% 40%
  • Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter 15% 15%
  • Customer Happiness – Our Goal 100% 100%